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Our story

Commune is the first coliving dedicated to single-parent families. With Commune, the goal is to make life easier for these parents and children who are too often let down, by creating a community where all single parents and their children can thrive. Commune offers a pragmatic and necessary turnkey housing solution, which simplifies parental organisation and best meets the needs of children.

Commune was born from the observation that lifestyles and times had changed, but housing had not followed. For several decades, the model of the nuclear family and a unique household is no longer the norm, but rather the exception. XXIst century families are diverse and unique at the same time, facing very specific needs at certain points in their lives.

Breakups are part of them. While one in four families is single-parent in France in 2021 and half of married couples divorce, single parents are more and more numerous and Commune helps them to relocate and find a balance for themselves and their children.

The founding team

Tara & Ruben met back in 2017, when they had just finished their studies. After pursuing international careers, notably in tech and the hotel industry, Ruben and Tara met again in 2021 around the desire to create new opportunities and recreate social ties for people too often isolated and forgotten by the networks and social public policies: single parents and their children. This is how the idea of ​​the first coliving exclusively dedicated to single-parent families emerged, and the Commune coliving company was born a few months later.

Together, Tara & Ruben speak 8 languages ​​(9 if we include Frenglish!), have lived in 10 countries on 5 continents, testing different concepts of community living along the way: roommating, student housing and coliving!

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