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About Commune

Commune is the world’s first coliving dedicated to single-parent families. With one in four families being single-parent in France, our startup offers a turnkey housing and services solution designed as true living and meeting places to make life easier for these parents and their children. Thanks to this pragmatic solution, Commune aims to limit the social, professional and financial impact that usually arises from a separation. While the first residences are expected to open in the autumn of 2023, the startup plans to expand its concept internationally and open 500 residences within 10 years.


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Single parents sharing a flat: a shared residence in Poissy dedicated to single-parent families

Since December 2023, a shared residence in Poissy (Yvelines) has offered around ten single-parent families the chance to share a roof over their heads. It’s a response to their housing difficulties and a way of combating loneliness.


Poissy – shared housing for single parents

Commune was on Telematin! It is an opportunity to hear from some of our residents and to get a glimpse of everyday life in this new-style coliving apartment! Watch the replay of the Télématin’s programme on 29 March.


Commune: one roof for 13 single-parent families

While MPs from all sides of the government work on a bill to create a “single parent” status, MilK visited the first coliving centre for single-parent families.


Coliving: single moms who choose to live together and reinvent their daily lives

To fight housing difficulties, single parents – mostly mothers – are getting together and experimenting with new ways of living together.

Un papa seul et une maman seule jouant avec leurs enfants dans une salle de jeux commune

The first coliving solution dedicated to single-parent families

In Poissy, in the Yvelines department, a new kind of coliving centre has opened, dedicated to single-parent families. The building, due to open in December 2023, comprises 13 units with communal living areas to encourage mutual support and break up loneliness.


Single parents: a coliving in the Yvelines region to “create a different kind of family”.

In Poissy, a place dedicated to single-parent families, combining communal areas and individual spaces, has just been inaugurated. It has been designed to meet the specific needs of these families and to fight their loneliness.


Commune: single-parent families overcome loneliness and precariousness

Sharing a home with several single parents is not a new concept. But living in a residence dedicated to single-parent families is something new. This is the idea developed by Commune, with the first residence due to open in December 2023 in Poissy, Île-de-France.


Ruben Petri : fighting the loneliness of single parents with Commune

In France, over 2 million families are single-parent families. For these families (82% of them single women with children), access to housing is a challenge. To counter this sad fact, Ruben Petri and Tara Heuzé-Sarmini have created Commune in 2021: the world’s very first coliving facility dedicated solely to single-parent families. Meet them.


They facilitate access to housing for single parents

Every month, Capital spotlights entrepreneurs who have come up with a good idea. Tara Heuzé-Sarmini and Ruben Petri are part of our selection.


How Tara Heuze-Sarmini intends to reduce the social inequalities faced by single-parent families

Commune co-founder Tara Heuze-Sarmini took to the Ampli stage at the 9th edition of Big, held on Thursday October 5 at the Accor Arena Paris, to share her concept of coliving residences dedicated to single-parent families.


“We can become isolated very quickly”: single-parent families in Poissy move into Commune residence

It’s something new in France. Thirteen single parents and their children will share a residence comprising both private and shared spaces. The first occupants will move into these apartments next week, inaugurated on Wednesday by the French Minister for Solidarity and Families.


Poissy: first coliving residence for single-parent families officially opens

Tara Heuzé-Sarmini, co-founder of “Commune”, was the guest on Bonjour l’Ile-de-France this Tuesday, October 3, 2023.


In Poissy, a pioneering experiment in single-parent coliving

The first coliving residence dedicated to single parents will open in December in Poissy (Yvelines). Powered by Paris-based start-up Commune, it will enable 13 families to live under the same roof.


Coliving: the first residence for single-parent families will open in December in Yvelines

Fourteen single parents and their children, who don’t know each other, are moving into a house and living together in Poissy (Yvelines). The key features are shared and private spaces. A way of pooling services and helping each other out.


Single-parent coliving, an alternative to the housing crisis

Founded by Tara Heuzé-Sarmini and Ruben Petri in 2021, Commune, the first single-parent coliving company, is French and will open a residence in the Ile-de-France region at the end of 2023. Hundreds of families are already applying to live there.


Tara Heuzé-Sarmini (Commune) – How have you managed to generate maximum impact on society through entrepreneurship?

Tara Heuzé-Sarmini is the story of a 29-year-old woman who never stops: after studying at Sciences Po and starting her career with Uber, she is the cofounder and CEO of Commune Coliving (turnkey housing for single-parent families), founder of GlouGlou Paris (reusable water bottle holder) and founder and administrator of Règles Élémentaires, an association that fights against menstrual insecurity…


Tara Heuzé-Sarmini (Commune) – Single-parent families: making housing a thing of the past.

“The elephant in the room is single-parent families. This is a fast-growing group with extremely specific needs, yet they are completely excluded from the market in France and throughout the world. ” With no desire to fit into any particular box, Tara is interested in a wide range of fields: political science, finance and even the environment. After a rewarding experience at Uber, the desire to strike out on her own began to emerge, and that’s when coliving came knocking at her door. After an in-depth market study, the idea of Commune made sense in her mind.


Tara Heuzé-Sarmini, an unusual entrepreneur

Founder of the association Règles Élémentaires, Tara is a pioneer on the issue of menstrual insecurity, and is multiplying her large-scale projects with a social dimension. With her new start-up Commune, the committed entrepreneur is tackling a new issue: housing for single-parent families.


“I hope I’ll have people to talk to”: coliving, a shared living space that appeals to single parent families

There are almost 10,000 homes of this kind, combining private and communal spaces. Other projects are under way, particularly in the parisian region, to meet growing demand, especially from single parents.


‘Mommunes’: Mothers Are Living Single Together

Women are joining forces under one roof, using the age-old power of sisterhood to split the household bills and raise their children.


Coliving, a multi-faceted market

A multitude of players, a multitude of concepts, a multitude of “communities”. Coliving is emerging on the residential market at breakneck speed, but not without raising a few questions. Here’s an overview.


Commune, the world’s first coliving scheme for single-parent families

Lack of social ties, loss of income, organisational difficulties… Single-parent families can experience a form of disarray. According to DREES, for example, they are twice as likely to experience social exclusion. Faced with this problem, Tara Heuzé-Sarmani and Ruben Petri have launched an astonishing project: Commune, the world’s first coliving scheme dedicated to single parent families.


“La pépite”: Commune, the first coliving scheme for single parent families, by Noémie Wira

On Monday 3rd, April, Noémie Wira interviewed Tara Heuzé-Sarmini, cofounder of Commune, in her “La pépite” column. She talks about the start-up Commune’s services for single parent families. You can watch or listen to this column from Monday to Friday on Good Morning Business, presented by Laure Closier and Christophe Jakubyszyn on BFM Business.


Housing: Helping each other, sharing costs… “Coliving” designed for single-parent families.

By the end of the year, French startup Commune will be opening two coliving units in the Nord and Yvelines regions of France, specially designed for single parent families. A world’s first.


Before the real estate property event, excitement around “coliving”

According to participants at a mini-summit on Monday ahead of the Mipim, the world’s leading real estate event in Cannes, “coliving”, or shared accommodation with services, is flourishing in the major metropolises.


Why coliving appeals to users and investors

This type of housing, which has recently appeared, is expected to create nearly 16,000 new homes by 2025. Much more than a passing fad, coliving is becoming permanent in the real estate landscape. In fact, Mipim is now devoting an international summit to this type of housing that combines the codes of hotels, flatsharing and coworking, the Co-Liv Summit, which is being held the day before the show opens.


Initiatives to help single-parent families

There are 2 million single-parent families in France, most of them are women facing loneliness, isolation and lack of money. Initiatives have been set up to help them: from support workshops to adapted housing Report by Laetitia Simoes

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Tara Heuzé-Sarmini, Woman of Influence award 2022

Tara Heuzé-Sarmini won the 2022 Woman of Influence award in the category of “Hope”. She is Géraldine Mayr’s guest and will be discussing her commitments to fighting menstrual precarity but also about the importance of a dedicated housing solution for single-parent families.

Kid playing

“Our coliving for single-parents meets a need”

Tara Heuzé-Sarmini, 29 years old, founded Règles élémentaires in 2015, an association that fights against menstrual precarity. Today, she is launching Commune, a coliving concept for single-parent families. “I am focused on action, not protest.”

Kids playing

Commune: a housing solution for single-parent families in Ile-de-France

This French start-up offers a turnkey housing solution mixed with the benefits of life in community. Think of convivial moments, shared spaces but also services.


Commune: the first coliving solution for single-parent families

Every day of the week, Europe 1 brings you the best initiatives that are changing the world, not only online but also locally!


French Tech: 10 women to watch in 2023

For the tenth consecutive year, the Sista collective, which aims to reduce funding inequality between women and male entrepreneurs, has published a list of female founders, investors and managers in the French startup ecosystem.


Housing for single parents: Eve, a 28 years old single mother, is excited about the project

Eve, mother of a two-year-old boy, wants to move into an apartment for single parents in order to break out of her isolation and share in a community of supporting adults. In this article, she shares the reasons for her enthusiasm about this innovative solution.

Tara le jour de la cérémonie Femmes d'influence

Who are the 2022 winners of the Women of Influence award?

Five awards were given to women who are transforming society on November 21st at the Palais Brongniart. The initiatives of these women are centered around giving hope back to the planet.


The Hottest Startups in Paris

Business incubator Station F has supercharged the Paris tech scene, but it’s far from the only show in town.


French startup Commune introduces co-living for single-parent families

Co-living is common among young professionals, but what about single parents? An Orléans-based startup believes communal housing can provide huge benefits to those raising kids on their own.

Tara et Ruben

Commune, the first coliving for single-parent families will be launched in Paris in 2023

The start-up Commune has announced the opening of its first two residences for single-parent families in the Ile-de-France region in 2023. This launch was made possible by an initial fundraising round of nearly €1.5 million from business angels, family offices and BPI France.


Meet Tara Heuzé-Sarmini, alumna of SciencesPo, University of Cambridge and Columbia University

Her most recent project, Commune Coliving, was selected as one of five startups worldwide to join the Columbia Venture Community Impact Program.