Join our first residence in Poissy

Coliving for single-parent families

A perfect balance between privacy and conviviality!

with a master bedroom,
a children’s bedroom, a bathroom,
and a kitchenette.

garden, playroom,
coworking space, laundry room,
large kitchen/dining area, bar…

Tutoring, housekeeping,
subscriptions to streaming platforms,
legal assistance…

Included in the price:

Your 100% private space

Parents’ bedroom
Children’s bedroom
Bathroom (shower + toilet)

Your shared spaces

Large kitchen/dining room
115 m² garden
Coworking space
Games room
Hidden bar with home cinema
Interior courtyard

Your services included

Water, electricity, gas
Housework three times a week
Subscriptions to Disney +, Netflix…
Legal assistance
Daily maintenance

Our coliving residences

All our residences are designed to accommodate single parents with their children, and meet their specific needs. Whether you are a woman or a man (all our residences are co-head!), whether you are a single parent by choice or by default, whether you have one or more children, whether you have full custody or not… if you have an appetite for community living, you can apply now!

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