Join our first residence in Poissy

A fresh start: Discover the testimony of the very first resident of Commune!

In December 2023, the world’s very first residence for single-parent families opened its doors in Poissy: Commune.

In total, 13 families can be accommodated in this innovative coliving.

Each family has its own 100% private space with a parent’s bedroom, children’s bedrooms, bathroom, and kitchenette, unlimited access to large shared spaces – garden, playroom, coworking space, laundry room, dining area – and benefits from all-inclusive services – cleaning, legal assistance, academic support, maintenance…

An all-inclusive price, a close-knit community, a cocoon, 0 mental burden: a dream come true for many single parents.

Liliane is the very first resident of Commune! She trusted us even while we were still under construction and couldn’t show her around. A true honor.

She agreed to testify for us and tell her story.

“When you’re a single parent, you already have a lot to manage. To think that you’re moving into a place where you just have to unpack and take a deep breath, honestly, there’s nothing better.”

Discovering Commune

“I am a single mom of a seven-year-old. A few months ago, I came across the Commune’s announcement while looking for an apartment on Le Bon Coin. I was in a hurry because my landlord was taking back his apartment and I had a one-month notice period. I had a great exchange with Juliette, the Community Manager of Commune. That’s when I discovered this concept that I found exceptional.”

At Commune, all you need to do is unpack your bags

“What immediately attracted me was the fact that we could arrive at Commune and just unpack our bags. No need to worry about furnishing the place, electricity contracts, water, internet, and others: simplicity. It was perfect.”

A perfect balance between privacy and conviviality

“Here, we are a community of single parents living together. But we still maintain our privacy with our own space, our rooms, our private bathroom, our kitchen. If we don’t want to leave our home, no problem. No obligation to always socialize.”

Meeting other parents and children, whenever you want

“When you’re a single parent, you’re part of a small club. We are less likely to go out, taking care of our child. It was a great idea to meet other parents to share a meal, to see our children playing together in the playroom. My son being an only child, he takes a lot of pleasure in interacting with other children, it makes his life more livelier than usual.”

A typical day at Commune

“Living at Commune is very traditional, but with the added bonus of convivial moments, which we sorely miss as single parents. Last time, for example, I went down to the common areas and ran into a resident who was having dinner with his children: it wasn’t planned, but we ended up chatting, cooking together and our children were having fun. It was a spontaneous and very nice moment!”

A final word for those who might hesitate to join Commune?

“The convivial aspect at Commune is really chosen. It’s not an obligation. We maintain privacy, it’s not like we have shared toilets where you have to queue.

When you want to be alone, you can be. Plus, everyone has their own life, everyone works, we don’t necessarily have the same lifestyle. We have a completely normal lifestyle with the advantage of being able to communicate with other families sharing the same single-parent life.

When you’re a single parent, you already have a lot to manage. To think that you’re moving into a place where you just have to unpack your bags and take a deep breath, honestly, there’s nothing better.”

Like Liliane, would you like to join our coliving for single-parent families? Join us!