Join our first residence in Poissy

Our first Commune is officially open!

Two years ago, we had a crazy, revolutionary and yet so obvious idea: to create a housing and service solution entirely dedicated to single parents and their children.

Two years later, here we are in Poissy, cutting the ribbon in front of the very first ‘Commune’ in a long series.

It’s taken a lot of work, energy, days and nights to reach this long-awaited milestone, the ground-breaking for a project that is unique in the world and that is changing and will continue to change the lives of single-parent families. There will be a before and after Commune, we guarantee it.

This unique adventure would not have been possible without you, so from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU.

Thank you to our fantastic team who gave everything to bring this residence to life in just 9 months.

Thank you to our investors for betting on us when all we had to show for it were our good heads, our audacity and our dreams, and when no one else had succeeded in doing what we set out to do.

Thank you to Minister Aurore Bergé for her presence and particularly touching words at the inauguration, thank you to Member of Parliament Fanta Berete, a tireless spokesperson for single parents in the Chamber, and thank you to Poissy’s Town Hall for welcoming us to this beautiful town.

Thank you to all our partners who worked with us to ensure that everything was absolutely perfect, in record time.

Thank you to the first families for moving in, pioneers who put their trust in us with their eyes closed, signing before even visiting or seeing any photos.

Thank you to everyone who read this and who may – in one way or another – have contributed to this achievement and to the unprecedented surge that’s about to take place.

The first Commune is now officially open and we can’t wait for it to bring all the fulfilment these families deserve and to have lots of little sisters very soon (we’re already working very hard on this and spoiler alert: the next Commune will open its doors in spring 2024 in the North of France…!)

Tara & Ruben