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Frequently asked questions

You will find here the most frequently asked questions,
organized by topics.

General Questions

What is a Commune?
What are the requirements to live in a Commune?
How many families live in a Commune?
How long can one family live in a Commune?
What is the cost of living in a Commune?
How many people can live in an individual unit?
Are the individual units furnished?
Is it possible to decorate the individual units?
Can I choose my individual unit?
What is the size of an individual unit?
Can I receive mail at Commune?

Shared Spaces

What are the shared spaces?
How is the kitchen equipped?
How is the playroom equipped?

Community Living

What are the profiles of the residents?
Who sets the rules for community living?
Is it possible to invite guests at a Commune?
Is participation in events mandatory?
Are pets allowed?
Is there a curfew?
Is it possible to sublet your individual unit?
Under what circumstances can Commune ask a resident to leave?
Is it possible for a couple to live at Commune?


What services are included in the base offer?
What are the on-demand services?
How much do these add-on services cost?

Price / Lease Fees

How are the prices calculated in each Commune?
Do prices vary from one Commune to another?

Financial Resources

What are the financial requirements to live at Commune?
What is the amount of the security deposit?


How to apply at Commune?
What are the processing times for applications?