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5 reasons to choose coliving as a single parent

Un papa seul et une maman seule jouant avec leurs enfants dans une salle de jeux commune

Single parent, 5 reasons to choose coliving

It’s well known that getting a flat is hard work. Especially when you have to earn three times the rent, have a permanent contract outside the trial period, have more and more guarantors, and show two salaries… It’s a real ordeal. And when you’re a single parent, let’s not talk about it! Competing with traditional couples, single parents’ applications are quickly relegated to second place.

As a result: The homes that single-parent families manage to obtain are often too small, and the parents end up sleeping on the sofa in the living room. This situation has consequences for their well-being and health, and prevents them from having access to that essential “bedroom of their own”. Added to all these challenges is the need to ensure educational continuity, preserve the daily routine and remain close to the co-parent.

What solutions are there for single parents?

In this difficult context, coliving offers single parents a meaningful alternative. It makes easier their access to accommodation while reducing the costs and burdens of day-to-day living. What’s it all about?  We will explain it all:

The coliving solution devised by Commune fights against the precarious situation of single parents and simplifies your application, which is reduced to a strictly necessary file. Commune will consider your application if your income is twice the monthly rate (compared with three or four times the monthly rate in conventional accommodation). We also take into account all types of income (you don’t need to have a permanent contract, apart from a trial period, to live here).

The rental rate offered by Commune includes the rent for your family unit – made up of a parents’ bedroom, a children’s bedroom, a small kitchen and a bathroom – but also access to large shared spaces such as the laundry room, the large kitchen, the games room, as well as the courtyard, the garden, the speak easy* and the coworking room for teleworking. These are all areas that would be difficult to access in a traditional home.

First and foremost, coliving means freeing yourself from some of the additional costs associated with living on your own. Everything is included in the monthly rate! It also means benefiting from a host of services that make your daily life easier, such as cleaning of communal areas, maintenance and repairs, water, heating, energy and subscriptions to streaming platforms. In short, with coliving, you’re the happy resident of a large, fully-equipped home where all the costs are shared!

Commune’s solution was created to help single parents and their children finding a decent accommodation. It takes account of the difficulties you face. Firstly, Commune helps you to manage the legal issues associated with separation. Secondly, we’re keen to help you ease the burden of parenthood. Finally, Commune will help you regain balance in your personal life. Your monthly subscription can therefore include a wide range of services. These may include furniture storage, legal assistance, discounts on meal delivery or tutoring…

Beyond the material and equipment aspects, the coliving project imagined by Commune relies on the support and presence of other parents who look like you. Bringing up children takes energy, availability and patience. We are committed to creating a home where mutual support and caring are not optional!

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(*You’re not dreaming, there really is a hidden bar in your future Commune!)