Join our first residence in Poissy

The first residence for single parents has openned in Poissy

La première résidence Commune pour parents solos a été inaugurée à Poissy

The Commune of Poissy is the world’s first residence dedicated to single parents and their children! The project is the brainchild of Commune’s founders, Tara and Ruben. Their aim with this innovative offer? To simplify access to housing for single parents and their children, who face stiff competition in urban areas.

A large shared residence

The work lasted several months and enabled us to optimise the layout of the family units and communal areas of the new residence. The residence of Poissy can now accommodate up to 13 families in fully renovated and equipped private units.

This brand-new Commune residence is a very large L-shaped town house. Its colourful shutters give it real character, and it opens onto a paved courtyard and garden. Commune is located in the heart of Poissy’s shopping district, just a 5-minute walk from the RER/Transilien station. Thanks to its location, you have easy access to Paris and neighbouring towns by public transport. Another strong point is that resident families can walk to the town’s main schools within 10 minutes. So Poissy is ideally located to make life easier for the whole family.

In terms of layout, the residence comprises a ground floor and two upper floors. This is an ideal layout for accommodating several families while respecting the pace of each one. There are two types of living space: private areas dedicated to family life, and shared areas designed for social interaction and conviviality.

As for Poissy’s indisputable assets? Its paved inner courtyard and out-of-sight garden! These two outdoor spaces are a breath of fresh air for young and adults.

Why Poissy? 

Poissy is a commune of 37,000 inhabitants in the Yvelines department of the Île-de-France region. It’s a bubble of oxygen just 20 minutes by public transport from the centre of Paris. The town is renowned for its rich historical, architectural and cultural heritage. What’s more, it attracts a large number of families who appreciate its pleasant living environment. The town also has a solid sporting reputation (it is home to the PSG training centre), and outdoor activities are particularly popular. Poissy also offers a wide range of facilities for adults and children alike, including stadiums, swimming pools, mountain bike trails and wakeboarding on the Seine.

Poissy is the place to discover the first residence for single parents!