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10 Christmas gifts for single parents

It’s not always easy to find the perfect gift. Our team came up with the top10 gifts to give to single parents. Whether it is specifically for single parents or their children, there’s something for everyone.

A weekend without children

Time is extremely precious when you are a single parent, so a weekend just for one’s self to relax, have fun or rest is the perfect gift.

A night without children

Si vous ne vous sentez pas les épaules pour jouer les baby-sitters tout un week-end, une soirée c’est déjà super ! Armez-vous de votre meilleure humeur et d’une grande dose de patience, et tout se passera très bien !

Yoga classes

It is an activity that is very beneficial for both parents and children.

Sports clubs, apps, private lessons… Today we have a wide choice to find the yoga we need! Discover for example virtual yoga.

A massage

Being a parent is not a walk in the park, so what could be better than a massage to relax, rest and get back in shape?

Here is a nice selection of massages by “Le Bonbon” magazine, with a special mention for “Les Bains du Marais” that has a special parent-child offer.

A parent-child activity

Even if it is nice to have time for yourself, moments with our kids are precious. Sports, pastry-making or DIY classes, thanks to Funbooker you can find unique parent-child activities.

A Lunii, the story box

We know how sacred the bedtime story is… but we also know that sometimes we want to skip it! So, for an evening without stories and 0 guilt, the Lunii story box is here!

Passkidz credits

The app that simplifies the lives of parents and brightens the lives of children! Passkidz gives access to hundreds of sports, fun and educational activities designed for kids with a single subscription and no commitment.

A single parent support app

Mama Bears, Noö Family, Team Parents… Today, there are many apps that offer support for single parents! Especially, you can find good deals, discounts, legal and psychological assistance, and of course, a strongly-knit community!

Tickets for Palomano City

A city at children’s height! Palomano City is a small-scale city, designed by cinema set designers. There is even a “Palo-Leisure” space adapted for the youngest children.

A special parent “lovebox”

The connected “love box” specifically designed for parents.

A photo or a little note, to show to the parent that they are not forgotten!

And some (free) ideas,  valid all year round…

Discover the “Envolées Contées” podcast

Envolées Contées is a podcast series imagined  specifically for children aged 3 to 10. The stories are presented in the form of audio stories with several episodes.

Printable colorings from minigraffiti

Aude Fraïoli-Marça had the brilliant idea of asking street artists to imagine coloring pages for children. As a result, you get access to coloring pages available to  download and print for free!

(Suggest) Submitting an application to join a Commune

This, in our opinion 😇, is the best gift idea all year round.

At Commune, we offer a turnkey housing and services solution for single-parent families. Communes are completely thought-out places of life and meeting for single parents and their children to live and thrive!