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Influential Woman Award 2022: our cofounder and CEO received the award in the “Hope” category

Tara le jour de la cérémonie Femmes d'influence

We are proud to announce that Tara is the winner of the Influential Woman Award (Prix de la Femme d’influence) 2022, in the “Hope” category.

This award was created in 2014 by Patricia Chapelotte, to put forward talented women who embody not only models of success, but also strong values, such as audacity, courage, conviction and ambition.

4 other women received this award in 2022:

  • The Influential Woman award, in the “Politics” category was attributed to Isabelle Rome, Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister, in charge of Gender Equality, Diversity and Equal Opportunities.
  • The Influential Woman award, in the “Economics” category, was attributed to Kalina Raskin, Cofounder and CEO of Ceebios.
  • The Influential Woman award, in the “Culture” category was attributed to Abnousse Shalmani, author, journalist and filmmaker.
  • The Influential Woman award, in the “Our favourite” category, was attributed to Bénédicte Wolfrom, Founder of the association “20ans1Projet”.

The Influential Woman Hope award

Created in 2021, the award in the “Hope” category is attributed by a Junior Jury composed of fifteen young women, aged between 18 and 35.

The aim of the “Hope” award is to reward a woman aged  between 18 and 35 who represents the new generation.

This year Tara was nominated alongside Soazig Barthelemy, founder of Empow’Her, Camille Etienne, environmental activist and social and climate justice campaigner, Aude Guo, cofounder and CEO of Innovafeed and Paola Locatelli, content creator. 

Thank you to “Femmes d’Influence” for shedding light on the commitments, values and battles of our cofounder and CEO, and thank you for this incredible evening that brought together so many exceptional women.

If you want to watch the ceremony, just click here:

Tara’s speech

Tara had the opportunity to give an impactful speech during the award ceremony, to encourage as many people as possible to take action.

Here is an overview of it!

“Receiving this award makes me sad and happy at the same time. 

Sad to see that there is still a need for such ceremonies to reward exceptional women. Sad to see that our society still considers women as exceptions.

This being said, I recognise the importance of events like this one: it is well known that we still need to count women for women to count. We still need to shed light on women for women to shine. We still need to put forward the work of women for women to be in the spotlight.

So tonight, this award makes me happy because it recognises my commitment to causes that have been ignored, invisibilized, or even despised for too long.

This award recognizes the fight I launched in 2015 against period poverty and the taboo surrounding menstruations, when I was still a student. Indeed, the NGO Règles Élémentaires that I founded has brought on unprecedented citizen mobilisation, changing the world and even the laws.

This award also recognises, above all, my latest and, without a doubt, one of the most important and far-reaching battles I’ve led in the past 28 years: the housing revolution, which I embarked on by cofounding Commune last year alongside my extraordinary business partner Ruben Petri.

Commune is the  first coliving company, that is, shared housing with mutualised  services, exclusively dedicated to single-parent families. Commune is the first of its kind in the entire world.

It is little known, but family break-ups are the main impoverishment factor in France, and in most OECD countries. Single parents, amongst whom 82% are mothers, lose up to 30% of their standard of living 1 year after the breakup.

With Commune, we are tackling the root-cause of the problem, by recreating the village that our societies need to raise children, and offer these families the best opportunities.

You may be wondering what the common factor is behind my battles? It is simply the willingness to challenge the established order.

The causes I am tackling are as old as humanity, and yet it took until the 21st century to begin to sketch out solutions!

So, tonight, I want to tell you that we must have the audacity to look where others do not want to see, to question where others do not want to answer, to listen to what others do not want to hear. We must have the curiosity and courage to challenge our deepest convictions, even and especially if it means stepping out of our comfort zone.

Finally, I would like to conclude on our individual responsibility and our duty to act in the face of the world crumbling down. We always have everything to win by trying. The perfect conditions and the perfect timing do not exist: the best time for action is and will always be now.”