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Commune at the MIPIM 2023 !

Why attend the MIPIM in 2023?

MIPIM is the largest real estate confereence in the world. For three days, real estate playes gather at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès in Cannes to showcase what the future of the industry will be like.
This annual event gathers:

This major event brings together the most influential financiers and real estate players from around the world. The exhibition provides the opportunity to meet professionals over several days to discuss and debate the future challenges of real estate, particularly integrating social issues at the heart of these concerns.

What are the real estate issues that Commune wishes to address at MIPIM 2023?

This year, the Co-liv Summit and MIPIM show that coliving is at the center of real estate concerns. It’s a small revolution that demonstrates that the real estate world is changing in the right direction and taking into account the needs of population groups that have been ignored or isolated for too long. For us, it’s an opportunity to promote Commune’s solution as a new way of life that combines real estate and social and environmental engagement.

Today, nearly one out of every four families in France is a single-parent family. This segment of the population is no longer negligible and may even grow in the coming years. That’s why it should be at the center of discussions at this MIPIM. We are excited to participate in the Co-Liv Summit conference on March 13th at 3:20 pm.

The international approach of MIPIM 2023 is appealing. It’s an opportunity to think big and find solutions that can be applied worldwide. With over 80 countries represented, we are delighted to expand Commune’s projects across borders and find common ground with actors from around the world.

Which booths and conferences is Commune most looking forward to at MIPIM 2023?

The exhibition will be an opportunity to envision international projects and discuss each other’s approaches. We are pleased to participate and listen to the following panel discussions:

March 13th: 

March 14th: 

March 15th:

Match 16th: