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Coliving for single-parent families

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Papa solo qui aide sa fille à faire ses devoirs

Living at Commune

At Commune, our mission is to offer a turnkey and affordable housing and service solution for single-parent families. The Communes are places to live and meet fully designed so that single parents and their children can live and grow!

Incredible individual and common spaces
Shared services for the entire family

Our coliving residences

All our residences are designed to accommodate single parents with their children, and meet their specific needs. Whether you are a woman or a man (all our residences are co-head!), whether you are a single parent by choice or by default, whether you have one or more children, whether you have full custody or not… if you have an appetite for community living, you can apply now!

The best services for parents…

We set up guarantees with third parties to give everyone a chance to live the Commune experience
Regular events to meet up with other colivers and help out each other
Our prices are all included and payable in one single payment
Legal assistance
We know it’s not easy being a single parent, and a little help with complex issues is always welcome!

… and children!

Shared toys & equipment
Entertainment is a big budget and it’s important that there is something for everyone! That’s why each residence is equipped with something to entertain both young and old!

Most children affected by a family breakup suffer a negative impact on their academic performance, reason why we offer tutoring on-site!

We know the hassle of looking after children after school, which is why we offer babysitting in all municipalities at very (very) attractive rates!

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